The Basic Video Package provides a solid two minute video that introduces and explores your organization, mission, staff, clients or products. 

Videos are targeted for your intended audience, actionable and tailored for your distribution platform.  

Videos take between three to four weeks to be completed from the initial strategic planning session.  On our shoot day we interview key people and capture beautiful actions to best complement the narrative themes.  


  • Strategic planning session
  • Script with two revisions


  • One day shoot at client's location
  • Two team members
  • Broadcast-quality video, audio and lighting package


  • Edit with two revisions
  • Licensed music
  • Simple graphics
  • Digital download


advanced video package

The Advanced Video Package includes the Basic Video Package and an extra shoot day, motion graphics and an additional version.

extra shoot day

Additional shooting days add depth, diversity and drama to any story.  Extra days can be used to include more voices in the video or show the impacts of a program over time.     


Infographics, maps or animations are great communication tools that ultimately increase the overall impact of videos.  These types of visuals aids make complex ideas easier to understand and hold a viewer's attention longer. 

Additional version

Creating multiple versions of a video with different audiences, platforms and purposes in mind allows us to more effective in our overall marketing and communication strategies.  Examples of multiple video versions could include using different music  for various audiences, varying the video lengths for specific platforms or restructuring the purpose of the video from a "Thank-you" video to a "Request for Contribution" video.  

BAsic Video Package


Extra shoot day

Additional shoot day at either a different location or at a later date


Motion GRaphics

Three motions graphics (e.g. infographics, maps, animations and/or lower thirds)


Additional version

Additional version of the video tailored for a different audience, purpose or platform